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Monday, May 07, 2007

hehe.. i simply love dese pics tt is taken todae.. aniwae happi birthdae kor kor.. hope u lyk the cake from ur mei! haha.. thx for picking me up from my hse to valhall for the prize presentation.. may all ur bdae wish come true.. next time will buy u a bigger and more strawberry cake.. LOL..

hmmm.. gotten 3rd for the league.. SFL de.. well hope next season will get gold instead of bronze.. hehe..
5th May
hmm went over to dear dear's hse to stay over.. we had so much fun.. first we went giant in the early afternoon to get ingredients for our lunch. was rather simple meal we had.. juz bought spagetthi, chicken, mushroom, campbell soup and snacks and wine for our lunch.. hehe dear cooked while i do the cutting. den we play games and den dinner was great too wit his family.. yup.. love the time we spend together and yup sundae was juz another dae to relax for us and den had a simple dinner at woodlands wit sean, ahmad, hafeez and kor to hav early celebration for his bdae.. den we chit chat till 11 plus den i took kor's bike to keith's place and den he sent me hm.. thx kor for the ride.. i promise u will get ur cake :)

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