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Monday, May 21, 2007

its the euro funfair!!! well i din manage to go and even tk a peek when it is at SENGKANG LAR!!! OMG.. haha.. guess i juz go out, walk passed it tt's it haha!!
its a bad sundae for me. getting scolded in and out from my family and someone. haiz.. guess sometimes problem persist and it juz doesnt get solved at all.. it jus makes us both tired and sick abt it. so yup.. shyt happens to us. but ya..
dinner was suppose to be reli lonely.. but thx rigel.. ur der for me when i nided someone. went to pasa malam walk n get stuff, den go see the funfair. took some pics though.. haha. tot so cool la its free admission, but den realised y they can afford to hav free admission. its lyk their cheapest ride der is lyk 5 bucks lor! the most ex is 10bucks.. though its fun but its kinda ex la wonder y so mani ppl willing to spend such money. the game store per game is lyk $2.50.. man. aniwae its reali cool lor though i juz go der to look n din play. enuff le..
werk on sundae wasn't bad.. cool though but the weather is so hot and sales for me has improved every week. sch its tiring lor.. almost slp every min i sit down immediately LOL!!!
haha.. todae's run was ok. 5km my shin der juz hurts so badly man.. but was fun la.. aniwae all i hav to sae is.. whether u have me inside ur heart anot i dono and i cant see it. so yup tml test tinking wanna go anot.. tired liaoz!

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