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Friday, May 04, 2007

its fridae after our yet another trg wit the rp peeps.. haha everyone seems reli busy eating and reli hungry huh.. keke.. well thx to the kind ppl of SHL, they wactalli gave us some food and drinks from their lil camp they having todae.. haha.. its a tiring nite but it was cool n nice during trg..
3rd may
well its my bdae todae! hapi birthdae reena!!! hehe.. im alr 22.. OMG so OLD LAAAHHHHH!!!! haha.. my classmates were totally awesome ppl. its onli lyk the 3rd week we all noe each other and yet they alr hav all shared money to buy prezzies and had gave me a surprised bdae celebration. chocolate cake!!! yummy.. i love the cake and most of all i love dem.. thx guys!!! luv ya all loads. din go p.t lah.. went hm for bdae dinner hehe..was a rather simple n normal dinner lyk ani other dae at hm.. well wanna sae mani thx to those who hav wished me during my bdae and to those who hav left me msges on frenster and also on my tag board... love u guys loads too.. huggies

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