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Sunday, May 13, 2007

wah~ think my leg gonna break lyk anitime.. and so is my eyes and the entire system of functions in my body.. i can lyk slp aniwhr and anytime sial! haha power la~

todae early early go werk.. wah~ damn tired la. but lucky nw werk der.. at least nt tt boring as compared to lst time.. haha.. todae sales was gd! i lyk~ haha..

ytd watch the WFC match.. third period my battery die-ed aha.. den head to bed n woke up knowing they lost alot.. wad trying to watch todae's match.. but cant make it.. keeps buffering lyk every 3 sec. so i gave up watching.. juz blog.

felt misleading abt everything tt's happening ard me dese daes.. everyting tt happens. i dono y.. wanna find out but lyk veri hard leh.. i nw while im blogging im lyk yawning again lor.. think i cant take it animore..

goodbye ppl, to the world, to my slp and to all creatures ard.. im gonna.... SLLLEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP!!!!


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