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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

wahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my class todae lyk so empty and kinda quiet. saiful is stil nt back in class, wonder how was the operation for his mum ytd may god bless his mum. kelvin and fiona went underage club ytd, todae nv come. the other few are juz common absentees so haha don see any pt to mention abt dem.

wah lan.. actaully todae i don wanna come skul de lor! but there is a change in the faci todae so i came juz to see hw the hell he/she look lyk. he loks normal outside but when he starts to talk, makes me LOL!!!! wahhhahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!! its lyk make me wanna sae WOW!!! he's a total ROBOT!!!! voice lyk it, actions lyk it.. aiyaAAA everything lah!

well here he is at my team's table trying to talk to us abt the werksheet and im here blogging and answering his qns.. but to me its lyk WADEVA!! i smoke thru his bombing of qns and he's satisfied. hahaahah i find myself so cool lah.. *pat on my own shoulder* fuyoh!

well im a happi kid todae lyk i told paul.. he sae i getting more emo but its all thx to rp guys la sometimes they emo den sometimes happi.. hahaha! but im done and over wit him.. decision has alr been made.. felt so happi n lite having to let it go.. wadeva happens frenz forever between me and him.. (seems lyk he doesnt noe wads gg on though) but yup cheers =)

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