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Thursday, May 24, 2007

well firstly i will ant to wish my dear sch mate cum fball mate sheryl sweet 17th birthdae! hope u had fun todae and hope u lyk the cake..
todae's lesson was ok. whistle blowing.. haha wad a topic. had alot of laughters in class. as for trg, it was fun too playing against sean, hazmi and mark. 3 against 5, but they're too fast esp hazmi! but we did score against dem. haha great play gers!! i simply love todae's trg. maybe its lesser gals and that we get to play against the guys..
dinner tonite at man again.. our usual hangout. cheated 2 packs of french fries haha.. den was talkin abt chinese language and names.. haha.. alfee sure have a rather long and funny name lah.. sha ming!!! uncle mcken i funny gt ur funny pics... and this is for aisha: u've been violated!!!! haha but don worry i wun sae :P
darn.. my arms juz hurts when i move or even swing a lil.. cant pass the ball properly even.. dono wth is gg on.. argh!!!

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