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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

well.. im actualli so din wanna go skul todae.. becos of the team im in was totally OMG!!! haha.. wad i mean? i juz donno y but everytime problem solving lessons my group will onli have me and 2 other classmates, the other 2 is alwaes missing from earth! so tot todae will be the same BUT.... HAHAHAHAHA!!!! change group leh! so happi lah all my team mates are those who comes to sch and usually will do work wan..

todae donno wad's wit dem, all juz suddenly not doing ani werk at all.. well its ok lor so i do lor.. at least at the end of the third meeting they doing the conclusion part and the last 2 pages of the problem. skit went well for my group todae and ya seems lyk this week's presentation went better den ani other weeks.. hmmm.. will look forward for the grades next week den.

din go trg todae.. purely cant tk it animore and yup 3 times a week is the given instructions from doc. actualli i reali wanna train everydae if i can lyk wad is used to be but i juz cant nw. felt lyk shyt and guess nobody will understand the pain and agony im fighting inside me all the time. i don wanna waste my life juz awae lyk tis with injections..

*P.S: i wish u noe wad im thinking..

22 may
its communication todae.. well i actualli dono y i took the decision to skip such impt UT. i noe its impt, i noe the consequences but i dono juz WAD THE HELL is WRONG WIT ME!!! came to sch ard 945 den go break at 10. so lessons as usual and yup its boring lor..

trg was not bad haha.. but i tink the real funny part is when we're on the bus la. MR MCKEN is darn hell funny!!! i din noe anione cud be lyk him man, a total comedian sial!! his facial expressions are so entertaining that even when playing fball he can even have so mani expressions on his face muhahahah!!! pattern more den badminton. den on the bus uncle mc actualli did head rotations lyk haha i dono hw to describe, den eyebrow raised and alot la.. aha.. ave to sae by the time i reach sk, my mouth is reali tired from laughing.. hehe..

sometimes i tink at nite b4 i slp, wad do i reli wan from life, by the end of my sch daes, am i reli happi lyk wad my classmates or wad other sees me daily? wad i nid deep down, i juz cant seems to talk to anione.. its ok reena.. i guess i can get pass tis alone. so smiles

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