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Saturday, June 16, 2007

14th june
its W64F class outing to Palau Ubin todae! well im lyk super early la.. to tink that im da first to reached tanah merah mrt station.. haha~ den came minru, nelly, sunshine and yan keat. vincent n quan was slping and almost cud nt joined us.. lucky gt mummy nelly to wake dem all up. den the guys came lyk after we hav waited so long keke.. so in the end we hav 15ppl and off to ubin.

bus ride was fun and din noe poor boy irfan gt bike accident n he had 6 stitches at the left side of his chest. den we met up the other 4 [rene, kai, quan n vincent] at the ferry pt and took a boat der.

reaching ubin was juz exciting enuff haha den we head to rent our mountain bikes~! everyone had choosen our bikes and we simply cant wait to cycle off and explore tis place. staring was reli funny ahah.. some of us juz learn to cycle, den was the gear prob, bicycle chain prob, lots of laughters and shoutings from the gals.. haha~ the journey was thrilling and we played truth or dare~! almost everyone kena and kai proposed to rene to be his gf, but seems lyk he failed cos rene rejected not noe-ing wads the reason.. well den we cycle back for our lunch. lunch was mee rubus and mee siam. was so hungry i ate up mine, rene's and kai's, cos they cant finish. haha tink i ate lyk a cow down :P after lunch was more taking of photos and morr exploring in ubin. we cycled along the road n we came across a hill that more of dem get down from their bikes and pushed uphill. downhill was total AWESOME~!!!! reli high speed and no brakes!!! haha me n chun ann when lyk 3 times for the entire dae and some of the guys went 2 rounds. well hav to sae was kinda disappointed that the route to chek java was closed and we cud'nt explore der. but overall cycling in ubin was reali a whole alot of fun and that its damn thrilling cycling in high speeds not onli on roads but also thru the muddy water, rocky n bumpy roads LOL!!! head abck to changi for dinner[fried kway teow, oyster omelette w/o oyster, peanut tang yuans] and yup home sweet home.. came hm bathe n had a talk wit my dearest.

....drop dead....

15th June
was having a gd slp when rajiv called my phone n woke me up. well i din wanna pick up his call cos he juz keeps calling n i don see a pt for me to talk to him when wadeva n no matter wad everyone had said to him is still nt helping. he kept saying he wanna die, nid a ans and alot more. but i felt tt tis is nt my nor anione's r/s. its his n her's, so if she reli din wanna bother or meet him den he shud juz let go, y call everyone for help and wanna make tings so unpleasant. so he called bran n my bf is juz too nice. talked to him and all. he even sms my bf n beg him for help i mean HELLO~ WE CANT HELP SO EVEN U BEG US WE CANT HELP U MUCH OR IN FACT AT ALL. so he goes on calling me, bran, keith and dono who else la for mani times. sometimes i juz felt kinda irritated that if ppl don wanna meet u den u juz forget it la. y u keep wanna meet her and keep asking for ppls help?! stop threatening tt u wanna die, wanna go her hse n all la.. i juz find it childish.

so enuff of him. todae i went out to meet widya, shahmeer to celebrate jasa's bdae. haha.. but b4 tt i went to get my laptop case.. haha was so happi that i gt it thx MUMMY~! i love ya.. u buy for me.. YAY~!!! den we're kinda late and ya we went for dinner at an indonesia restuarant called THE RICE BOWL. hmmm was dinner buffet and its reali nice.. Yummy yum~

after dinner, we met yanto and wid blind folded jas and we bought him to haagan dazs at the forum and had ice cream cake. the blind folded journey was reli fun and had alot of laughs, photos and video. keke...

next we headed down to marina square for bowling n arcade sessions. started bowling from 11plus till 1 plus and arcade awhile more b4 widya sent all of us hm. wanna sae thx widya :) thx for everything. i had a reli fun n great dae and happy 26th birthdae to jasa again~!

later i hav to wake up n go for fball.. damn im reli tired.. yawns~ gd nyte n peace out


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