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Friday, June 01, 2007

darn.. seems lyk i cant blog the pics but nvm la.. will post dem up once the server is ok! hmmm..watch movie PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 3. was not bad the show.. still some funny parts and yup generally it was gd. though mw and rig saes they almost slept.. hahahahaha!!!

well new faces are appearing on my blog!! haha nt bad..

well i tried my best on the court but i guess i've finally came to a pt when im juz too tired and worn out. im injured. my right shoulder juz hurts wheneva i play for too long, cant pass cant shoot. hate tis but ya no choice but hav to stop trg the other dae. hate tis feeling.. i dono if wad i hav said has help anione on court. yup.. hopefully e shoulder juz gets well enuf for me to play fball soon

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