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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hello hello.. haha hasnt been blogging for the last few daes. well im kinda busy u see haha.. no lah.. busy gg out lor [wad else can i be busy wit? ya.. fball trgs~]

haha lets juz start wit tis pic.. aunty mcken.. haha notice the blue clip on his hair? hehe.. todae is total fball dae~ fremly @ SGS.. turned out to be lyk kinda nitemare, pissed but nv as pissed as keith. tink his off dae was kinda wasted la. den we go eat sth real fast haha.. den took bus to ANK den train to woodlands den to RP for trg.. wah the leg muscles is lk turn into dono wad alr.. haha den arm still hurts lyk hell but decided shall nt complaint and whine. tink todae i dono hw i did it.. juz manage to squeeze pass ppl haha but overall was a fun dae. at mac and on the bus was oso full of fun. . laugh nonstop la~

9th JUNE
well saturdaes didnt start off well for me but definately was a right choice to go out.. haha..
first i went to a church juz beside the Singapore Musem. yup haha well not to go der pray la but to attend brandon's sec sch teacher mr shashi's wedding.. well his wife is a chinese. small size but she's damn pretty and sweet when she smiles :) the wedding was reali different as compared to the one i attend few yrs back when my sec sch maths teacher's wedding. same church wedding but yet theirs is so.. wad shud i sae leh.. reali look lyk those that u see on tv drama kind. but my maths teacher's one was more lyk simpler. buffet was great though its juz mee siam, chicken drumlets, and some pies.

den after wedding headed to dhoby ghaut to get my mum's mp3 done. nid service lor.. den get drink, walked ard. decided to go arcade.. haha well we saw ppl trying to catch those cute lil bears.. den i tried my luck. first attempt [small bear] was hopeless, second[bigger bear] was no whr better. den third time wit dear's help hahah!!! he caught a bear!! my god i was so excited la.. wearing a dress and jumping lyk a monkey lor.. haha.. i simply cant believe it that he caught he bear and its mine! i name it brandon jr.. our bear our baby hahaha..

den meet up wit JASON!! haha its been so long i seen him since he left for taiwan. so he came back for short lil vacation and ya met him at centre pt coffee bean. had short yet happi chat wit him and ya he had gone back agn.. dinner wit bran n his dad @ east coast.. food was delicious and i love it man! so his dad sent me hm to pick up some clothes den head to bran's hse. din go hm till sundae nite.

sundae was juz simply nice and sweet. juz sit der hav lunch and watch dvd wit him is juz cool. its been long time since we had our lil own time n world.. wish we will hav more in time to come.

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