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Saturday, June 09, 2007

hmmm life's been pretty screwed up for the past two daes.. wel don wanna mention abt all dese negative things tt have happened. but i noe i hav to admit tt wad i did was totally not rite , un-glam and nt cool..

but we made up todae.. sh00k hands and yup case close haha.. i sms hIm and apologised.. hmmm guess tis is reli wad i shud do.. give myself a pat on the shoulder for having the courage to admit my mistakes! lol~

guess its another nite of unhappiness for me. all i wanted was to hav dinner.. but it seems so difficult for us and juz had to leave. i juz wanna sae tt sometimes certain things happen, but when the thing that had happened alr case closed, PLS~ don nid to bring it up all over agn.. it will onli caused unnecesary prob. YES! maybe nt for them but for me and ppl who's involved.

i hav to make clear sth.. i onli love brandon.. tt is it.. other guys [no matter is classmate or fball mates] well wad can i sae.. we're all juz frenz, buddies whom i go out and hav fun wit in n outside sch..

yup so i guess ts all i wnna sae.. gd nite~ off to my bed

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