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Thursday, June 21, 2007

hmmm.. mondae is lyk start of sch again after 2 short weeks of holidaes. mondae blues in my class.. everyone is quiet in class seems lyk all of us are still in holidae mood. trg on mondae was ok. have to sae meiwen n sheryl is lyk BEST DEFENDERS CAN~!!! hahahah..

hmmm tuesdae is kinda not bad. lessons don hav ppt for al of us and that we have to understand the program and have challenge against all other teams. din go physical trg.. so went to get things to prepare gifts. head hm eat dinner n slp~!!

wed... shud nt hav gone school. most hated faci.. so troublesome n ask so mani qns. everytime i attend her lessons im alwaes shutting her out lyk automatically. den presentation is lyk not bad. haven been doing presentation for 2 weeks.. lol have to sae losing touch n nervous ytd.. frenly wit combine sch gers.. match was fun the gers were pretty strong so does the RP gers! we're all pretty on form and that though we won by small margine but overall i'll sae "Great job gers!!!"

hmmm todae UT suck big time. so mani qns but no time to do, furthermore i late.. lol lyk overslept la.. den wasn't feeling well so decided to go hm. he's gg malaysia wit his family n i onli gt to noe todae.. i was so looking forward to his bdae cos i've been planning a surprise for him but he wun be ard on his bdae n my surprise for him had to be cancelled. kinda hurtful n disappointing..i hate it, i wish he wud stay for me.. but i tink i can onli juz dream on, lyk fat hope la reena~! u can keep on dreaming, cos wadeva i do, it will nv turn out the wae i want it to be.

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