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Saturday, June 23, 2007

hmmm.. its been one week since holidaes. fri was juz another dae in skul, went down to watch the trg but din train. ahah.. linie gt so mani cool things that i juz learnt from her.. thx gerl!

todae had trg in the morning lyk 9.. so early so i slept in bus den head for trg @ rp. trg was not bad haha.. its been so long lyk i went SKOOLS trg la. but disappointed that there isn't any frenly todae cos veri few ppl went. esp the rp boys onli have hafiz, hazzy, hisham, mc, syazrul.

went makan wit the rp peeps and also gary and ryan. den chilled for a while b4 gg hm. came hm.. slp, eat dinner and slp till nw agn.. hha.. tml morning must werk. hmmm tired sia

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