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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i juz felt lyk an idiot.. is ur frenz reli that more impt to u? i juz wanna celebrate ur special dae wit u though ts gonna be late. but u tink that my plan wasn't gd n made u angry cos i nv include ur frenz? i tink n look in the bigger picture tt's y i din asked dem along. u were envious i knew it straight that dae so i asked u and made a promise to u that u will get sth the same one dae. but im doing wit wad i hav n wad i can onli afford for u nw.. i noe its nth compared to wad ur fren had but i juz wanna give a surprise too.. but gt u angry.

pls understand the reasons y i planned it tis wae. pls look at it in my pt of view, pls the last ting i wan is u to get angry. i juz wanna celebrate wit ya.. alot of things cant be done cos it a weekdae and i hope u do understand tis IS the MAIN reason for nt having dem in my plans.

all along frenz r the top priority, den ur family den is fball. i cant even compare to fball and i don even noe whr i stand in ur heart. i've tried and tried juz for u, juz to make u happy. give ya wad u wan that others hav so that u don hav to be envious. i dono wad else can i gif u or make u happy animore..

u've changed so much so do i. but i've tried doing n changing for the gd for our r/s. wad abt u? aniwae im trying hard nt to tink abt it, not to juz hurt and teared by wadeva u sae or do to me. but i still did in class todae. im a failure.. total useless failure..


~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, June 19, 2007
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