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Sunday, June 03, 2007

i meet him on fridae after sch and we went dinner. am veri surprised he asked if i wanna eat pizza cos it seems expensive to us all the time in the past. so yup we have a nice dinner. its been so long last since we had such wonderful and happt times tgt.

haha.. tis is my nickname my babyboy call me.. im his princess piggy and he loves me.. i love him too.. its a nickname we both share.. don wanna lose it..

i don rmb when did we last have such happy times b4 this last dinner. im losing alot of memories. lyk the doc sae i will become forgetful and lose all the memories i have. i don wan it.. i feel lyk crying when i noe i will forget. it seems pointless when i hv happy times but i wun rmb ani at all.. but im trying to rmb all the times we had n spent tgt, all the tings we do for each other.. hopefully i don forget ani of my frenz names and u in time to come.. i noe im losing it.. i cant tell anione.. im all alone suffering

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