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Sunday, June 17, 2007

im @ hm the entire dae thinking abt wad upcoming compeition i will have.. but saw wad i've read i juz din noe wad to sae.. yes i've admit i've nt reali been trg alot under ruyi, i've been nt gg got skools trg cos i reli cant make it due to skul and trgs and all, but i did train and oso train as hard as i can push myself and my body cud tk it..

its easy to sae we wanna quit.. aniting we do in life, quitting is foreva the easiest thing to do, the easiest wae out to solve a problem. but hav we eva tot abt wd will happen to ppl and things ard us if we juz quit? Yes tis is our lives and of cos we wan the best for ourselves, for our family, for tt or certain special ppl in our hearts. still we shud consider ppl ard us too.. cos inlife, wadeva we do it will not onli affect ourselves, it will oso affect others ard us. its lyk a disease.. it spreads all over and it juz makes u feel sick abt it.

things are juz getting from bad to worst. but since it has alr happened and its alr worst.. so juz let things be den.. we cant do anithing more to change.. we tried to help, to change but it juz din turned out as expected. so i guess we lived wit it..

its raining here and lots of tots juz went thru my coconut.. i asked myself y do i hav to be affected or eveb be bothered to try so hard, werked so hard and end of the dae everyting turns out differently.. well i guess there is no ans to it n it will juz kip ringing in my head..


~*stressout*~@ @ Sunday, June 17, 2007
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