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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

this is my girlish di and my buddy alfee
damn Mcken.. having his head poke on the knife's tip hahah!
wonder wad is she gonna dig out from that bag
Mcken gaming everywhr he go

well suppose to have camp la but last min lyk don have.. so we gonna have trgs lyk mondae, tues, thurs and fri.. well i guess its better la for me as compared to camp.. needle probs for me. lunch was at hm for me b4 meeting mw and my gf. so yup meeting time was 2pm and our dearest baby in our team sheryl is late!!! hahahahaha.. no wonder my gf tell me to tell her we meeting @ 1pm. keke next time will use tis strategy. :P

trg was @ 5.but we were early so we started running ard playing lyk small kids.. haha.. but was reli fun lor.. we went buy some drinks yup i actualli forgot to pay for my sweets n i goon-du lor blur blur put inside my bag wit my hp.. hahaha!

back to trg: trg todae din hav alot of ppl. geraldine sick so onli hairin came. well i don wanna talk abt trg stuff but ya i reali came rp t play wit dem im nt here to show off or be a superstar. so wad im from owls.. seriously its lyk im the lousiest in owls lor.. hopefully todae's input to all will nt be taken as output.. lets all juz tk each other as equal standard. play as a team.

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, June 05, 2007
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