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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

well now im so bored.. kept yawning and that im lyk putting abit more movies into my lappy.. den nw is presentation.. kinda lyk sian abt the module todae.. Visual Basics and its all about commands to make the changes to the boxes and all. lyk WTH~ y am i learning this in my diploma Sports and Leisure mgt.. forget it i tink im juz boring n whinning my wae out.

stupid lappy having prob. i cant seems to delete my unsed program cos it saes im nt the authourised user.. :( am not gg trg later and they having contact rugby later with the rugby girls. haha.. god luck gals hopefully u gals have fun and DON INJURED HORRR~!!! hehe and keep a lookout for sheryl tink she'll be damn funny la rite SHERYL FOX~!!!

so i go on blogs to find ppl's link. getting sleepy nw.. hope i can slp nw n i wanna go hm eat my yummy dinner n slp till tml.. *yawns*

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