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Thursday, June 07, 2007

well todae is a dae when i can slp at hm.. haha lyk no fball la the onli dae off for me. so the onli ting i do todae is stay hm play online games and yup head to meet my peeps at woodlands den go to melvin's hse for bbq! was fun bbq-ing cos i lyk so long nv bbq haha.. melvin's dog is so cute juz lyk mine! oscar the name.. so oh ya thx to mw's dad for sending me hm :) i felt so forgetful and goon-duuu!!! i left my phone wit him and ya i nw don hav my fone. but lucky gt gf to help me tk.. thx to gf too :)

well here i am nw at hm blogging.. feeling kinda confuse abt certain tings.. i asked myself wad do i reli wan? wad am i looking for? i told him wad i alr wanna sae to him deep down my heart.. my feelings and yet his reaction was cold n not bothered. i hate it but i juz cant do aniting abt it.

till the dae when he is willing and he's free to tink abt it, i'll nv noe wad is our future gonna be. i don lyk seeing n feeling tt "hey im tgt wit him but feels lyk im nt"

im confuse.. don talk to me

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