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Thursday, June 28, 2007

yay.. its yet another time for me to blog again.. todae is communication and the DUMB UT~! i simply donno aniting la even though i studied till 230 AM ytd after my frenly wit SIM Blacks. hmmm wud sae the frenly went well its gd la overall.. the line i played in scored the most haha. no idea y but each time when Ruyi saes "go in must score ar line 1" den we scored.. hahhahah.. meiwen's and sheryl's shots are the best i tink.. but den agn simply cant compare debbie's with theirs.. debbie's goal is lyk superb fast la.. 2 SECS ONLY~! duck was reli funny la. when i was playing one of the period haha she was at the side boards and was talking to me la.. telling me not sure abt wad but its sth above bring up the ball n shoot or sth la hahahhaha...

met my sister, sunshine n minru after trg.. they juz finished their cheerleadering practice..

i tink as the dae goes by and im getting reli tired everydae. im reli hating the fact about trg everydae and that i've to admit i've been skipping the guys trg alot.. aniwae wilson don reli lyk us der la... so ya skools trg nw on sat makes me even harder to go.. wkend is werking dae for Reena.. darn.. i tink i shall juz mite as well stop this sport. my life is fucking screwed..

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