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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A dedication for that someone special:

A big THANK YOU for making my life seems so complete. cos there is alwaes something missing. from a life lyk the panda, u made it yk rainbow nw. have i tell ya how much my heart felt n goes out to u.. i cant put in words how much we have been thru and all the tears, smiles and memories we shared, this is nt a neither short or long r'ship and that i wanna sae i noe ur have changed eva since u came back from this malaysia trip. i dono wad had happen that makes u a changed and matured person, but i reali appreciates the initiatives and changes that u hav made to make our r'ship better. THANKS once agn for every lil things that u have given me, all ur effort and all the lessons u have taught me in life.. love u love me...

eva tink of how can 1 survive wit 30bucks a week? well its been so long alr and im trying to survive and adapt. HARD~! but ya i will TRY VERY HARD to survive.. hehe..

lastly... TO MR B.CHEONG: hope u can reli understand this entry.. love ur princess


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