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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

hmmm nw its veri early wed morning and its raining here.. rain brings back alot of memories for me. i rmber the times when im totally so engross in my daily lives in sch back in sec sch times, i rmber the times i had big fights wit someone, i rmber the happy sweet memories i have spent with all my frenz and love ones.. but come to tink of it.. whr will all dese memories go when a person passed on?

tis wek no fball.. court being taken up. rehersal for warcry i din go.. cos work in class has to be done. looking forward for skools trg on fri.. other den that i don wanna noe or even tink abt it.. sch is boring as eva.. ppl are seriously changing and that i hate it abundon of it. damn man..

i wish i was reli a princess.. ur princess that u will love me, dote me.. but its ok even if der is no1 ard cos i can still be a princess. tired abt eating at times esp at nite lyk dono wad to eat lorh.. been eating fast food quite alot la.. haha yet in the afternon im a total monster.. eat non stop can~! eat proper food plus waffles plus smll bites.. OMG~!!!! REENA IS TERRIBLE>> SHE"S GONNA GROW SO FAT ARHG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but nvm.. i don care even if im gaining weight lorh..

well its gonna be end of the 1st semster soon.. lyk so fast lor 16weeks gone in the flash of light. competitions drawing nearer and im kinda worn out by all the injuries even b4 it started. tired of all the monster PT .. haiz.. im just simply plain tired.. almost everydae slps in class while ppl present.. WTH LARH REENA~!!!!

aniwae wish tml morning will be a gd dae.. cos a brand smile welcomes a bran new dae.. *yawns...* off i go nw.. peace out to the loveliest piece of land that i slp in and breathe safely in..

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