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Sunday, July 01, 2007

hmmm shall sart off with todae's entry.. sat 9am trg at RP. more ppl came todae but lyk the owls did not lyk turn up agn.. din do well todae during the skools trg, den was frenly with the SIM guys.. they pretty hardcore and i FELL 3 TIMES LAH~! all 3 time the same fat guy.. its lyk OMG n WTH!!!! now my knee lyk damn painful. went get my sandals n head hm.. bathe go hav dinner. dinner was great!!!

fri's module was enterprise.. my team mate is a idiot. ahe simply listens to her music, kips typing nonstop n when ppl ask her "anithing to add on yi xuan?" she simply shut up. den during presentation she simply skip the entire forst pt n jumped to the 2nd point. den after skul she actually switched off MY SWITCH~!!! what a bitch~

fridae after lessons i go meet my dearest for movie. watched transformers.. i have to sae 2 thumbs up and wad a show~ i simply loved it.. must watch man peeps.. alrite i wanna go slp already.. dead tired from running n falling down for the entire dae.. nites and lites out.. peace :D @-->--HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US --<--@


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