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Monday, July 23, 2007

hmmm... wah lyk mani daes nv blog. but wadeva la haven had the time to blog lor.. last week we had frenly wit the NP gals and yup they ure came down prepared wit so mani gals even their graduates.. ahaha.. they lyk have 4 lines i tink while we have 3lines. but overall the game was gd and we won 11-4. and den sham did it again~!!! ahahahahahaha

fri ahah.. cudn't remember wad i did except for school.. oh ya fri wasn't a gd dae to start a new group for enterprised.. sucks. but wadeva lor so no wonder i din wanna remember.

the rest of my weekend was nowhere fun nor gd.. especially sat. ytd went watch game at 8. haha b4 tt went eat wit alfee n gang. delifrance heheh was great!!! yummy yum. rp's game was reli exciting and they drew the game at the last min 5-5 the final score.. wae to go guys~!!!

nw nw nw.. im in class todae and the faci is damn boring.. its another faci here todae and he kept talking to himself in class.. and so mani ppl din come todae so yup boring again~! but nvm its a go dae to slp in class.. lessons todae is RELI RELI BORING~!!!!! *yawns*

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