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Sunday, July 29, 2007

hmmm... i have to say something first seriously.. "IRFAN~!!! U ROCK! I LYK THE OTHER SIDE OF U~!!!" hahaha.. have to reli applaude for my classmate irfan the giraffe.. his both performance was just great. this blog is for him man.. his day.
nv knew he could sing this well. i tot he's onli genius in creating music cos he alwaes do it in class [our class DJ] and also noe tt he do jamming and plays the electric guitar. but.. but... i reli reli dono he SINGS TOO LARH.. and its GD~!!!
hmmm.. 16 weeks coming to the end. i have hardly hang out wit my classmates cos im alwaes so busy wit my trgs and also working on weekends. recently after the fireworks uting, i reli realised that i have missed out alot of fun wit tis bunch of funny and cool ppl in my class. its gonna come to he end of semester and im gonna miss everyone of u peeps. i love u guys so much and u guys rock my world. when im down n sick in sch, u guys r alwaes der for me. when im angry, u guys will try to talk me out of it. mani thx to all of u people cos i noe im hard to handle wif. sry for all the trouble n unhappiness i've cause all dese weeks in class.
i hope things wun change after we have split classes. wish we wil still have breakfast, lunch and outings tgt. hope we still contact each other, wish we'll remember the happy memories we gad in W46F.
i dono y i cant help but be so mad over him deleting the comment i wrote on the frenster. its the truth that I HATE HER BEING SO CONCERN ABT HIM. U HAVE UR OWN BF DEN MIND UR OWN BIZ N LEAVE MINE ALONE~!!! gals gals n more gals.. time n time agn u let it happen n affect our r/ship, u don wanna open up to me.. haven i tried to ask u things? haven i ried to wait for u to open up to me? haven i trust u all the time till todae n yet u nv did anione of dese? im totally disappointed but yet im acting lyk as if im fine everydae in sch, when i face everyone that i see everydae.. im heartbroken, im tired..
i stil believe in u that one dae u will change for me, for urself n for ur r/ship. i still believe tt tis dae will come soon. i dono hw much longer i can eva hang on to t, keeps on acting it. onli to noe that if reali der is nth gonna happen and we both be honest and open up to each other, den none of this or anithing will make us quarrle and break us up. its all in ur hands.. i wun wan to reli care much animore. cos the more i care the more it hurts n breaks my heart..


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