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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i guess it reali doesnt matter wad others tink or looked at me, cos they do not know the reena deep inside. the different side of me where noone eva sees rather den u. everyone can comment me but not u.. cos ur the onli one whom reli noe who i am.. the real me inside.. the other side of me...

i wanna out my trust in ur hand once agn.. i've juz have to find the courage to, i noe its hard but i tried over n over agn.. i nid to learn and im still learning in tis r/ship. 2yrs and 5mths of long journey isn't reali short but its long enuf for us to noe each other so deep that at times we juz nid some space to breathe, sometimes we juz nid each others support and love, some concerns and a little bit of time tgt.. but time isn't on our side, nt now nor eva.. but i believe we can get thru all dese weathers.. as long as u put ur trust in me too, let me into ur heart don shut me out cos i wanna be the oni one to share all ur worries and woes, all ur happy times and all of ur every other things that ur gg thru.

honeymoon stage does nt exist for us animore. but yet to others they r lyk on honeymoon mood no matter how many yrs they're tgt n gone thru. i wish and envious dem.. but i noe our fate is different, so does our r/ship. so i don ask more, i oni ask for the bare minimium juz let me have some time wit u every week. even juz a dae a week its enuf for me.. i jus wanna love u, be by u thru all ur ups n downs, be the one whom u will rmb when u wake up in the morning, be the one u tink of b4 u slp at nite, be ur gal whom u will oni love..

wadeva had happened has no turning back, but i don regret cos ur wit me i noe i have u.. but do u feel the same wae too?

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, July 10, 2007
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