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Saturday, July 07, 2007

its blogging time... haiz had such a bad dae.. the presentation slides i felt was a total bad.. she onli did one slide den ask her exlain the slide she do she actualli said no.. WTH~!!

hmmm todae's frenly was lyk totally diff from the first time we played with dem.. they're stronger and have bigger group nw, more gerls and i tink we all reali din do well. tink we too relac le.. hehe

i tot u would tink im impt to u.. but i guess i was naive and was wrong. i cudn't even compare to a show and all the stupidest things on earth. called u yet ur so eager to hang up. i took the initiative to sms u yet u took forver to reply. did u eva think tt u have neglected me? u don but i do. so imjus a piece of thrash, den dump it awae den.

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