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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

omg age is catching up wit me and that im reli getting tired easily nowadaes... i can practically slps immediately when i sit down or even standing up on the bus in the morning.. hahahahaha~! trg nw juz gonna be 1,3,5... skools trg on sat and i may hav to werk.. wah sianz...

todae sch juz suck.. cos its abt distribution and im lyk lost. its science todae yet we're doing distribution of lyk money.. hmmm juz make no sense out of it. aniwae i tried very hard to understand wad was being taught in class.. but i juz don see n catch no balls. think im juz nt gd at it.

trg todae is reli reli tiring la.. so few yr1s and drills was jus lyk killing me cos of the few no. of gals turning up cos causes all of us to lyk run more den eva.. haha but ya i will juz tk it as jian fei lor.. mw din train todae(sick), gerri (backapin) and im all bruised.. ankle bit swollen.. aiyo.. den game time we played 0k but nt gd enuf hahah den shannon played la.. she's gd i hav to sae for her age and she can do cheeky pass and she scored.. haha joreen was saeing we purposely let her shoot.. well have to rite.. she onli 8 so skinny somemore if i defend her lyk hw i usually do tink she will injured lor.. hehe

well maths UT tml at 9.. tink im gonna screwed up for it once agn.. the previous grade was lyk C+ so ya hope i get the same or better grades this time round [but i tink i can onli dream abt it] hahahah alrite gtg nw.. i miss my bf alot.. he been reli busy and i jus wanna sae if anitime u nid a shoulder to rest on.. u have mine. loads of love dear..

~*stressout*~@ @ Tuesday, July 03, 2007
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