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Monday, July 30, 2007

studying for UT agn.. hate it when i have to study for it. alwaes cant get my princess slp. its the wee hrs nw and that everyone is slping.. how envy la they can slp.. haix

its the end of the month~!!! and its a veri special day for me n my love. its our 2yr and 6mths anniversay!!!! yay.. so happi but... both of us is unable to make it for ani forms of celebration cos i have sch and later at nite have the JUMP party till late and that he hav sch in the day till nt sure wad time.. haix but nevertheless, i wanna sae lots of wonderful memories i had wit u.. all the ups and the downs, all the tears hat had shed and all the love n care and misses we have for eac other.. :) baby.. piggy loves u..

hmmm so rehersals and no fball.. so boring but nvm at least rehersal wadn't too bad wit the rugby guys ard and did the HAKA~!!! alrite i guess i have to end here cos im reli dead slpy.. so *yawns* gd nite

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