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Sunday, August 19, 2007

firstly... YESSAAA!!!! OWLS THE PESTA SUKAN CHAMPION 2007!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! omg.. i simply cant believe that we're the champ and this is my first gold medal from tis competiton. i cant believe it man.. 2 daes of lots of running, games, intensity and not forgetting my first goal that i've eva scored in pesta sukan this yr... simply just great! OWLS GREAT TEAM WERK AND SUPERB EFFORT EVERYONE!!!

well.. i haven been updating for quite awhile.. been reali busy and lazy to blog.. well to give better excuses--> im just simply too busy tt i cant squeezeeee in ani time to blog.. muhahaha~!but this coming week sch is coming to the end of this semester for me.. which means no more same classmates for me next semester.. hmmm.. wonder how does it feel to be with another bunch of new people?

sept we're lyk gg malaysia trip.. im gonna miss my bed, my friends, miss my comfortable country, miss my dear and mis my daddy, mummy,brother and mani mani more.. im gonna miss pesta sukan for men's. cant go down to support my love and team innebandy.. wah so sian lor when i tink abt it nw.. hopefully someone will sms n update me pls.....

i reali realised that life is so much different for me in RP den in M.I... rite here in this sch, everydae is lyk sure bound to have sth happening and alot of events gg on. its jus lyk a marathon movie.. non stop playing and action pac.. heheh.. i guess this is the kind of lfe that i want it to be.. go sch wit fun, fun and more fun... LOL~!

well guess iu nid to stop here.. jus simply cant stop yawning.. guess waking so early this whole week and all the runnings are making me tired.. muscles all stiffen and it jus hurts.. wrist nt ok, finger got chopped.. but well the fruit that we gt from all dese pain n tiredness.. its worth~ gd nite to the world, my friends n family and most imptly... to me =P

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