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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

hmmm... hell im freaking lazy to blog dese daes. last week was lyk sch and trgs agn.. had alot of fun and bad times and many incident hapened in sch.. so sat was trg, den out lunch-ing wit him and his hse, den out and sun work from 9-6pm @ www and etp. den hm and den out and den its another week again..

mon had frenly wit nyp. though we won but i noe tt tis is not their full team, all their better players all din turn up. so even though we won, i don feel the victory @ all. so i was feeling kinda so-so..

ytd lessons suck big time. din understand the VB codes @ all.. sth about planting bomb. haha TOTALLY lost.. presentation all was so damn short and i cant help but to laugh and that hav to admit i was busy wit my NFS.

todae is national dae eve and tt onli 14 of us attended class. so boring..all the happening ppl not ard and the class sounds so pretty empty and quiet. but still lessons have to go on and so im here doing nth since i stepped into this class @ 915 and till nw i hav yet opened my mouth to sae a single thing to the faci, my classmates. hehe.. maybe later when i hav to talk or feel lyk talking den i wil LOL!!!!!

alrite nw shall go for the boring class.. national dae tml yay.. gg out wit him tml yay.. fireworks yay.. can slp till lyk dono wad time tml yay.. so im kinda looking forward for trg later n my 24hrs of holidae tml. =)

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