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Friday, August 31, 2007

its been awhile since i blog agn..

starting from date 27-29 aug... well went to class chalet. OMG la~ the place is so far when u walked u noe.. haha but taking bus wasn't tt bad la.. been walking a couple of times wit many ppl.. first was wit huining, fiona, hadi and jorrie during the first dae. den was wit chun ann, renee and chun ann agn the following dae.. had fun der and yup irfan actualli brought his entire sound system der man.. ( which includes lappy, speakers the medium type ones, the system that can control the vol.) i must sae that 3 daes 2 nites of chalet jus wasn't enuf la.. hahaha.. they r a hella of fun.. jus cant get enuf of my classmates of W46F.. wish next semester we'll still remain as a class..

bran went for the chalet too.. stayed der on the 2nd dae even and he was jus wit me the whole 3 daes.. thx for being der n company me, greatly appreciated. he was jus lucky tt my classmates did nt bring in to the dance floor. but he seems to make frenz wit irfan doing the sparker.. (well u noe the one stick thingy tt we play during chinese new year or even lantern festival..) yup yup.. so everything jus ended so fast.. good times seems to end so quick while bad times seems lyk its nv gonna end.. i will miss u peeps from W46F..

so yup after chalet comes a lil few hrs of rest, food that bran cooked at my hse, watch movie halfwae n doze off and den rp trg.. was super tired la. worst when i dono gt frenly n played a hell loads lyk shit~!!!

30th aug.. went out buy my medi stuffs, head to meet bran.. haiz feeling down the entire dae dono y.. maybe tis illness its jus getting into me tt i hate it so much it jus spoils my dae n kills me tt i don wanna do aniting. went for comex I.T fair, saw a few nice cameras tt interest me and he's looking for desktops n mp3. den we went ard marina and he got a top for himself for his attachments and head for a simple dinner. seems lyk todae jus not my dae, hav cookies not meatballs, hav meatballs no cookies.. wth~ den things ended up yet chaos for both of us..

i hate it whenever we quarrel, hate it whenever he assume things abt me, hate it when he don ask and don hav the initiative, hate it when he can jus raise his voice @ me yet he tell me to change. he hates me too.. for everything n anithing.. so yup end of the dae i jus tot tt we're tired and we hate each other. so i gave up my ring n the jacket that he bought me.. i walked awae left him all by himself and somehow i stopped walking too.. sat der alone n din noe wad to do.. everyone's eyes was on me seeing me sitting der.. i felt alienated and stupid... he finally came, saw me n told me sry tt he took so long to come cos he lost his wae.. i felt sick cos i broke my promise "ppl can leave me behind but i will nv leave anione behind". but tis time round i left him behind all by himself.. felt so sick tt i broke my own words..

i cudn't think at all on my wae hm.. sitting in the bus staring outside at this nice country.. i jus felt worst n stupid.. i jus wanna keep running awae from reality and maybe one dae from everyone.. let my shadow n me be all alone..

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