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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

argh~! i totally cannot imagine how bored and free am i to do all these pics during the whole dae in sch ytd.. well im nt in sch agn todae.. somehow jus don feel well and its raining super duper heavily todae, so it makes me even more don wanna go sch... so my bee hong darling wanna go eat den so ke lian i nt in sch to pei her den she don wan eat lor.. wth.. so skinny alr still don eat later u faint hw? so i send me buddy yan keat to pei u buy food.. hahah.. U BETTER BE EATING ALOT UNDERSTAND~!! lol
lulu came back sch ytd to find us la.. OMG.. lyk so long haven seen her and its reali a W46F class gathering.. onli short of bee hong darling, perry, vodka, kelvin. irfan sick but he came haha.. but i have to sae its reli more fun to have lu ard.. feels more complete as a class, more laughters meaning more camwhoring too!!! rooftops, guys toilets, canteen.. aniwhr n everywhr u can tink of.. we jus camwhore on n on.
but well sch was ok ytd. my entire group jus went mad abt doing n learning how to use photoshop. all the special effects to make all the pics nicer and real cool.. marilyn was reali funny hahaha.. she jus finds it fasinating abt our diff version of photoshop and wad each diff versions hav or don hav.. but hers is the latest though.. hehe she learnt real fast dude and she is a person who can do ppt lyk a breeze. hats off for her *clap clap*
reali dono wad is wrong wit my life.. seems so complex and i cant even understand.. i can onli sae tt life is so unpredictable. we can onli be anticipating the unexpected coming into our lives. some may change us totally some will destroy us.. we jus have to do our best our of all dese events. rollercoaster ride indeed, but its also an experience.


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