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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

hahahhahaha~!!!!! to yutaki: i did not blog up ur big fat face.. onli that i place ur lil small head on the sotong u have frawn yd. hahaha though i may not be veri good at photoshop but i still manage to get ur cute fluffy head on the sotong~!!! haahaaaahhaaa...
and u us cant stop slping in class, so jus lyk u.. i cant stop taking ur photos of u slping.. but sometimes i jus wonder if u drool in ur slp. LOL~!! ur such a bitch la nv come sch todae.. tml we same group so u better get ur ass to sch and we will continue our bitching sessions, more camwhore sessions~!!!
hmmm lessons todae is easy. wun sae i will do veri well but my grp will do the presentation to our ultimate best.. haahaa.. late late late for sch todae.. but aiya.. reali so sianz and tired la.. somemore gt trg later. hw i wish i don have to go.. quitting the team seems logical nw for me (maybe cos i nid a long break from sports) but den again all have to leave it till after the polite.. so for nw its time for sch and im gg back to read our slides. cos MY PRESENTATION IS DONE ALR~!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ITS JUS 11 AM CAN~!!!


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