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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yutaki and xiuling
welcome to my blog agn to whom ever is reading... its time to blog agn.. well well so far its the 4th dae of the start of sch. aniwae todae's sch was the best so far haha.. my grp mates are so fun la---> got ah soh (xiuling), roadsweeper (heiri), kiki (yukai aka yutaki) and zou mei (absent). thx for making my dae and also to my favourite classmates from W46F. ur guys its impossible to be replaced in my heart.
tis week is so boring.. bodyaching and trg on wed and fri. wed's trg is totally tiring la.. im feeling so easily tired and age is catching up wit me. played frenly wit titans ytd. though onli few players came but they damn good la.. emily, shumin, bin bin etc etc.. wow em is so strong la.. i kena nudge from her and i almost lost my balance.. but have to sae it is a good game played by the rp gals.
its been a tiring dae for me man.. tml is fridae but i heard the problem is damn difficult la so which means-->sianz.. alrite nw im gg to play ard wit the new photoshop in my lapy nw.. hopefullyi noe hw to use.. feeling so damn kuku-fied nw.. keke..

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