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Monday, September 17, 2007

hmmm.... its a brand new dae, mondae blues and a new semester. new classmates, new faces, new facis, new classrooms.. everyting is so new and stranger to me.. i felt so lonely, alienated and scared.. todae's module? enterprise.. my fav but its so HARD LA~!!! my god.. first time i felt so lost but nvm la, will slowly get use one.. haahaaaaaaa~!!!!!!!

breaks todae is totaly fun~!! mit up wit my beloved classmates of W46F and my god i totally missed all the moments we had together for the last semester.. well i tot W4 is lyk so dead la cos most of my classmates are all situate at W1.. but onli till todae~!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAA i den noe tt there is quite a numbr of us at W4 also lor.. lyk my bitch sister saifu, the mr"chio sia" vincent, mr and miss anyting yan keat and jal, miss blur renee and my darling bee hong.. hahaha.. guess im not alone =)

lessons todae pretty tough but manage to pull thru.. understand la but jus din manage to make my presentation the wae i wan it lyk wad we use to present at W46F. guess new members have diff waes of presenting. not all seems veri enthu abt presenting but overall was still ok lor.. at least i din fall asleep. the faci? wah cannot make it~!!! his qns are all easy to understand but the answers he expects from us are lyk super CHI-MER-LO-GY lorh.. i cant even think of aniting to answer him sia.. his RJ gt lyk 2-3 parts in one question. haiz.. tink my life this semester with this faci will die lo..

i cut my hair todae.. haahaa tink i look lyk.. hmmm dono hw to sae leh but i kinda lyk it. hehe nw waiting for my darling bee hong to judge.. see if she is gonna laugh out loud tml or sae its nice.. hehe.. guess im done blogging la for todae..

my lil tots for the dae: i'll try my best to do well in sch and tt competition is jus abt amonth awae.. wad should i do? should i be still tinking or should i still give up? i dono.. im confuse.. haiz troubled mind

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