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Sunday, September 30, 2007

To This wonderful relationship:

Thru rain and storm, we ride and stomp. hand in hand, tgt we stand. the relationship we had, actually wasn't that bad. right nw all we nid is to continue and ride to the end.
went see doc, den met my him at tamp starhub to clear some stuff. den was lunch yummy yummy wit lil bits following tt. we went out to celebrate our special dae and guess wad? we saw these 2 cute lil hamsters at the pet shop. hahah.. totally adorable and dear jus cant stop making fun of it and it jus keeps falling over on their heads.. hehe.. rabbits and bunnies super cute too.
food reali IS the thing that makes both of us so happy and competible i tink. hahahah.. cos after we ate, we still go round looking for more food when we suppose to go find whr chun ann is werking.. in the end we're so engross in finding how much each restuarant hav set for the food and what each shop sells.. lol..
we walked ard.. looking for nice clothes and bags.. den we went for waffle at this veri lil yet nice cosy place at suntec city. the waffle der is great wit ice creams and the ppl der is so sweet, fun and warm.. hmmm i will definately go back der.. =) tink my deary also feel tis wae.. we'll go back..
wad is the most amazing thing that will end of date is that lil black 4 mths old terrier doggy.. hahahahaha.. i have to sae its TOTALLY CUTE CAN~!!! we also wanna have one as our own.. jus imagine its short lil legs running ard and chasing ppl ard outside the shops.. haahaa.and it definately gain all the shoppers attention.. hahaha..
tml my baby have to go trg.. so ke lian.. both of us fall sick.. haiz.. he flu and cought, i fever and sore throat.. hopefully we both get well soon and be reali fit n healthy again..=)
love ya forever miss ya lots..


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