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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

alrite alrite!!! this is the entry for my firstly:

mondae 28oct:

i went sch in the morning.. as usual *boring* den feeling totally sick lah.. so i went to sch for first part of sch and help out a lil on the group trying to contribute wadvea i can la.. so i left sch at 12 den head out doc doc and head hm wit my fren ning. yup.. den we went havoc awhile for the seek for jus pure fun hehehe.. head hm den yup end of my dae.

tues 29oct
i din go sch can!!! totally sian about sch so decided.. "reena wants to stay at hm"
everything wasnt ok as wad i have mentioned in the previous entry so was at hm all the wae till evening.. meet up ning and xiaohua. eat BK and yup after tt wad had happen is totally ultimate i don wanna mention in details. all i can sae is that "hey if ur reading my blog, i jus wanna tell u that it all started well for us all along, but its jus had to make u understand my situation, responsibilities and most imptly i tot we cud still remain as frenz. but too bad.. u din wanna continue wit frenships and if tt's the case den too bad don be frenz animore. i jus wan back that lil something that i cherish and treasure, but u din wanna give it to me. fine fine.. lets end it den.." den was wit hahahaha!!! 23 gg 30! its jus funny la. nice time spend and alot of catching up to do.. time changes and everything changes. i realised that we've both grown up so much and that nw we're all on diff notes. anithng is possible.. i don control destiny but at least i noe i can cherish and hold on to this frenship unlike U.. yes U u noe who u r.. don cherish our frenship!

so nw its lyk wed.. here i am blogging.. not in sch agn cos my flu, cough and basically lazy spells have been tagging on me. later the gals have frenly wit titans.. sry gals i cant play todae.. but wadeva it is u gals can do it! play hard but get into ani injuries ok? loves!!!

p/s* happy 33mths of anniversary.. long journey, tough and rocky. mani obstecles, mnai unhappiness and many many unwanted ppl and things popping up along the wae. but since nw things are starting to pick up in a nice positive manner.. lets hope we maintain it and make it gd. huggies.. wit loves

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