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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

firstly i wanna wish my teammates PEILING AND MEIWEN: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~
next i wanna wish all kids and the not grown ups: HAPPY CHILDRENS DAY~

hmmm.. lesson todae was freaking boring.. full of calculations. enterprise sometimes can be a killer module. but lunch-break was fun.. went to watch our tennis, fball and netball IGs KL trip presentation. haha.. sheryl aka chubby and rigel start the ball rolling and chubby just cant stop giggling la.. haha must cos of us la.. the video that was being done by xiao lao shu aka duck wad fantastic! great job =) after which head for lunch wit fball peeps and den back to boring lesson.

the class finally hav their first outing tml but its at WEST COAST LA~!!! damn far can! they gg der break-fast n heard they wanna eat prata or sth.. i definately not gg la.. freaking far go der jus for prata? hahahahaha.. enjoy urself peeps! sry i wun be joining u guys..

trg was fun todae.. im learning sweep shots and rig can reli do the sweeps damn hell a gd job. the HOCKEY STYLE~ also learnt alot of waes to defend todae. im so tired to even go sch tml lor.. thurs we have high elements and i tink its gonna be so fun. hopefully i don get hypo n all on thurs... =)

p/s: a star had fallen from the sky, it jus doesnt shine as bright as before.. my angel had fallen ill. i hereby pray that u will recover real soon and and when u nid me, i'll be der for u.. for no special reasons but jus becos ur my bf n i love n care for u the most.

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