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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

hmm...the pic above was being taken last week and the one below was jus taken a min ago w/o him noe-ing.. hahahaha..
hmmm lessons tis sem is totally so much harder as compared to last sem's. i stil love the lessons i had last time. well sometimes i wonder if was it because of the modules are getting harder so i hated gg to sch or was it that i'm jus wasnt close to majority of my classmates, so i dragged my legs and body to sch everydae.. haiz.. somehow i jus tink tt my body kept feeling tired and face it la.. i tink its jus al abt me, i jus trying to find lots of reasons to not go sch.. but im still glad la.. even though sch mite be hated by me, but lucky i have my frenz of w46F and yutaki, marilyn, xiuling, yihan ard.. haiz.. if they're nt in sch i tink im so so so dead.. thx peeps..
i realised recently that whenever i go break wit yutaki, there are alwaes ppl ard us that wil talk abt him.. hmmm i saw the wae people talk to their frenz abt him while their eyes were on him. yutaki is jus so eye catchy (so tall.. simply lyk transformers in real life, his wae of dressing n his style etc etc) standing beside him sometimes i makes me feel lyk im so short, small and simply nth.. but its a gd ting to be nth cos ppl wun even bother abt u.. so meaning less attention, less trouble.
its sci lessons todae.. im practically stoning more den half of my dae here and onli that i manage to find out a lil ting abt todae's topic and someting abt pressure and volume and temperautre. presntations everydae, im feeling tired and sick abt it.. its too routine.. haiz.. no off daes for me tis week i guess. have to start saving n using it wisely.. guess its time for me to go back to listen to presentations nw.. :(
lil tots: things hasn't been gg veri well.. not for me, not for bf, not for us.. but its jus tings ard us.. our frenz are turning into strangers. im starting to see lot of tings that i din wanna see nor noe. im starting to hate why things and ppl ard us changes. bf and i felt the same wae in certain matters. we din wan things to be gg aniwhr bad but gd. we're having a better relationship now.. building it smoothly and it feels jus lyk how we started.. i appreciated the change and i appreciate bf. wadeva happens.. jus din wan to get involve in everything ard us.. live life in peace.. finally i believe and sees that bf had grown up le, more matured and know how to tink liaoz.. bf jia you i noe u can make it to the journey in the national team.. gf have faith in you.. :)


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