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Thursday, October 25, 2007

hmmm 5 days of games.. finally it has come to an end. ongrats to all the teams that have won.. both the guys and the gals. RP guys reli did veri well u guys deserve to win the champ, ngee ann was more of the underdogs for the men's competition. grats NYP for winning champ, while i think we girls reli are the underdogs la.. although its tiring, but it seems so fast la... aniwae we won 2nd but i felt tt we're lyk champions. simply because we did our 200% best and even thoug we may have lost to NYP but we fought hard and i tink they had a hard time too.. rite fariza? hehehehe.. so yup yup u ppl rocks TEAM ADROITS!!!

Guess its time to take a break and to start thinking upon tt issue again. i nid to decide and think it hard. make a choice tt i will nt regret.. fball is starting to take up most of my team and my body jus couldn't take it i tink. for nth i feel tired and listless. damn i hate it..

sianz tml still got UT lor and seems lyk my sci teacher reli don lyk me sia.. no matter hw hard i try to talk and participate in class, she still sae i nv participate. haiz.. everytime give me c,c,c and more Cs.. wth! tis sem i reli slack lyk fuck and guess my gpa will drop till lyk siao. i dono hw to make all the faci happy, even if i do werk i also don reli get good grade except for some modules and this current class im in, seems fun, cool and sometimes complicated (tis is how i felt and see things la) but no matter wad, i'll jus try get some better grades la. haiz... bless me god. pls make my faci give me gd grades.

hmmm.. lyk wad the mac advertisment saes: "jus chill" yup i think for me i'll do tis and focus on my studies liaoz.. onli left 2 daes for me to pon sch.. die liaoz not even half a semster lah~!!!

well tts all for e.. signing out. study for test...*yawnz im tired*

~*stressout*~@ @ Thursday, October 25, 2007
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