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Saturday, October 13, 2007

hmmm... POL-ITE games is just 2 daes awae.. but somehow i tink somewhere is wrong.. i don seems to be very looking forward for the games.. maybe im just too tired abt as in literally on my health or maybe im just totally having my mind on my lessons. tis sem my grades haven been doing veri well and im so into pon-ning my sch la.. hating my faci and not blending into the class at all.. seems tt this class is just so not wad i expected or tot its gonna be. i mss my last sem classmates.. wish things don have to change cos i noe that when im tired, they're alwaes der to make me smile and brighten my dae, given me the encouragemenets that i nid.. miss ya guys so so so much..

trg dese daes was kind bit slack. still lost but will continue to read up n learn to play.

game game game.. tis is wad is one everyone's mind nw.. but somehow i reali cannot get it into my head. nvm forget abt it.. talk abt something else den.. dinner was good.. not too bad. aiyo dono la.. tml, sun werk werk werk.. shit.. wonder when will i get to slp till ver late lyk 2-3pm den wake up..


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