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Sunday, October 28, 2007

its been daes since i blog. firstly wanna sae HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEISI!!! tis is my belated wishes for her in my entry.. well den yup. fridae.. a dae where miss faci ang wasnt in class but a kinda weird male faci came in. well I HAVE TO MAKE MYSELF VERI CLEAR TO EVERYONE TT I DON HAVE ANITHING AGAINST HIM. BUT SERIOUSLY I WASNT EVEN PAYING MUCH ATTENTION TO PRSENTATIONS ONLI AFTER REALISED TT Y ONLI OUR GROUP HAVE TO PRESENT INFRONT WHILE OTHERS DON. TTS ALL!! yes im temper and tone sucks but tts me. u guys can don lyk me. but accept me tis wae if u wanna be my friend. hate me if u don lyk me. i don bear ani grudges but if u guys don lyk me den i cant do much.

there is jus too mani hypocrits ard me. but its ok im not reli bother. onli ppl whom accept me as in who i am den will reli get along wit me and understand wad kind of person i am. so wun sae much..

ytd was definately a great dae. morning went wild wild wet wit my dearest love.. cant imagine tt "play water" can be so fun and guess wad? do nth but get sunburnt la! haahaa.. den went shahmeer kor kor hse for raya open hse.. heehee the food there was marvallous and there's alot of laughter and fun der. a number of skools ppl went and some rp mates too. yummy yummu food.. thx for the invitation again kor and thx to ur mummy for the nice food!thx gary for the ride to tampines =)

oh ya.. not forgetting i finally saw someone tt i din see for a long long time la! my jiejie aisyah!!! haahaa.. its been months since i last saw u.. miss ya so much and i av o much fun taling n catching up wit u.. must stay in contact k?

i maybe a bich in ur eyes, i maybe being hated by u guys. but i cant do anithing to pls u ppl. im who i am. tts all i have to sae. maybe i jus cant click wit u ppl but definately why others can but not u ppl?

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