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Monday, October 08, 2007

wad a wekend i have~! totally loved it. hmmm... lets start wit:

fri: 5th oct 2007

fri was no sch for me cos im slping at hm.. yup feeling so tired so din wanna go sch. pon for 4 daes liaoz. haven even half a semester yet i used up almost half of my leaves... hahaha.. so i headed for trg at evening. was feeling kinda weird doing the power play cos i felt so lost lyk lost la. after trg went mit him. den went over his place eat dinner at 1130pm and we onli reached hm at 4pm den head to bed for only 3 hrs.

sat: 6th oct 2007

hmmm after only slping for few hrs, we both headed to diff places. he went werk at east coast and yup i went over too ard 2plus and onli reach the place at 3plus 4. den i had alot of fun der. reli jus simply enjoying myself der playing fball, eat free ice creams, watched belly dancing performance and playing xbox360 der.. i love~! dinner me n my him went eat alot of food la.. haha.. shiok-ness man ^-^ den we took train back his house. shower and slept lyk dead log.

sun: 7th oct 2007

as usual todae went to fatpipe booth in the morning den all of us der were so tired. haha fariza waited the free shuttlebus for damn long n later went she came she realised that she waited at the wrong bus stop. haahaa! poor her la walk over to east coast. den suddenly it rained so heavily lyk tsunami and all of us were so wet and cold. all the things starts to fall and topple all over the place. haahaa den brown was totally funny. guess he simply loves his crumpler bag more den himself cos he uses his sweater to cover his bag lor.. well gd ting he rain din reli lasted veri long and when it finally stops it gives me n dear the chance to go buy our lunch as we're so hungry la.. hehe lunch was veri gd. and the video that uploaded above is wad happen after keith came.. fun fun more fun~! love this job..

P/S: i love spending all my time wit u and i reali tink tt dese 3 daes being tgt everydae sticking wit u, werking along wit u, i nv felt so happi b4. i noe ur changing for the gd, for us and also for urself. i noe u dote me alot alot. i dote u alot too. muacks~~ jus wanted u to noe tt hope after wad u have been thru all dese while, the choices u made have let u grow up a lil.. wadeva it is.. i'll be wit u. =)

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