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Monday, October 29, 2007

well here's some pics that i've edited since im pretty bored dese daes.. not reli perfect but wasnt tt bad too.. the first pic was edited by my classmate yutali.. he's a genius man.. all the pics he took for us are so cool. he jus knew which angle makes the pictures look totally great. the first pic has been my DP for some time and that marilyn i have to sae ur a big hit man! my guy frenz hav been asking me abt u.. hahaha!!!

i reli don understand why some ppl can jus blog nonstop in jus one dae. i was blog hopping when i came across some ppl's blog and also i read somebody's blog.. OMG!! these ppl either gt nth to do or they're jus freaking boring i tink, can blog lyk every few hrs in a dae la.. some jus mentioned abt nth but their bfs, their relationships and all. well no offences but c'mon.. we all hav a life and besides relationship n bfs, there shud be other better things rite? i love my bf too.. but i don mention him 24 hrs a dae, stick to him and even mention in all my entries on my blog.. well guess its DPDP huh..

gg to slp soon.. its sch agn tml.. damn i jus hated sch for nuts nw for all reasons.

~*stressout*~@ @ Monday, October 29, 2007
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