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Thursday, November 29, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUCKY NG MEI WEI.. ur old liaoz.. haha but nvm.. ur face don even look lyk ur 20. hehe..

so UT today was so hard but i try la finish it lor. talk cock and write rubbish nia. sure get F.. F=fail=fuck!

maths lesson today, think im gonna be so sian again. den seems lyk someone is venting anger or fighting outside my class. shouting shouting shouting non stop. aiya but looking at our class ppl's reaction is lyk.. don even bother face. hahahahahaaa..

so i would lyk to credit someone whom woke me up for sch todae. thank to him that im NOT late for my UT for the veri FIRST time in this semester.. haha.. u noe who u r if ur reading my blog.

bad dae for me ytd and i still feeling it. it still troubles me and im still feeling lyk a loser lor.. i still cant believe wad actually came out from ur mouth and the way u sms me, ur telling me tt its lyk not ur fault. Fuck it! thx to you nw my life is so messed up! sry lyk such a big deal la~! wadeva lor seriously..

later gt trg.. hmmm think im us gg der to make myself tired and worn out so that i can stop feeling so dumb and stupid over wad i've done or even decided to do. even better tt i'll jus break my back so tt i don hav to go for pt on fri. go also for attendance.. cant run if not i will be killed and be hung up at the hanger. hahaha..

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