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Sunday, November 04, 2007

here is the collate for my 3 daes of weekend..

2rd nov
fridae evening bran came over my hse for dinner, so after dinner was jus us watching slam dunk on youtube. hahaha!! super funny la.. den we waited for shahmeer kor kor come fetch us to RK hse eat supper wit ALOY and MARK seow.. supper goes for 2 rounds, dono how many cups and cans of drinks, jokes and some brainteasers!! haahaa.. den kor was nice to send all of us hm. i reached hm at 3am.. hahaha.. damn tired slept.

3rd nov
due to the previous nite of exhaustion from the laughter and fun from the supper date, i slept till 2pm den i wake up.. hahaha.. its been lyk so long since i slept til so late. went out ard 430 and took a bus head down to Yishun to meet dear to saifu's hse.. cos i tot we were pretty early, so i decided to go north point first walk walk den head to his fren's hse. only reaching der den realised its a joint raya open hse.. haha.. sister's fren aziz is so cool and funny.. hehe. den was food yummy yummy go lyk eating n eating, bran ate alot too hehe while we're waiting for sunshine, irfan, karthik, lulu and nelly.. we had so much fun and laughters over there and aziz is reali some professional photographer man! he noes all the poses, wad is the DOs and DON'Ts when we talk photos, he even taugh us some tips on how we should pose with our body curves.. sounds WOW~!!

10plus took bus head hm.. although its a short notice lyk saifu said, but me n bran wanna thank sister and aziz for inviting us over and made so yummu food for us. i wanna thank my dear for making time out for me and company me to sister's raya opening. i appreciate u alot n also appreciate everyting u do for us nw.. lyk u said u don wan us to quarrel, wan us be happy, have a happy memory and meal (meal = ur fav). we'll be happy..

4th nov

so its sundae again.. time flies so fast and todae i slept till 130pm! haiz somehow my phone is gg to die alr!! all the sms that my dear, DAMN DAMN U STUPID PHONE!!! i wanna change it off la.. I WISH I CAN CHANGE IT OFF NW!!! haiz but no money so no $$ = no talk.. yup yup. so whole dae i stayed hm be a good guai gal, play games and rot.. hahah!! well nw im tinking of having ice cream.. yummy shall go get later i hope.. :)

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