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Saturday, November 10, 2007

hmmm i love todae!! i've to saae it been so long since we have such nice peaceful time all by ourselves. its such a great big surprise u have given me todae. my dear cooked a big feast for me todae for lunch!!! OMG~~ i travelled to his place and i gotten a great deal of everything.. my baby brought all the ingredients all by himself and do every dish all by himself! he made salad (includes boiled egg, chicken, veg and tomato with tartar sauce) appetizer. next up mushroom and chicken soup.. den he made a dish [chicken, mushroom, sausage in tomato paste] i dono wad isit call but i simply love i cos its soooo nice. lastly main course its lack pepper spaghetti wit mushroom and roast chicken!!! i simply love this big lunch date and surprise he did for me.. appreciated it so much from the bottom of my heart. so he kept me company the entire dae at his place, bring me to have ice creams, bubble tea, watched him play computer games,watch tv and watch his last time fav sports.. thx love muackz~~

this is for my love:
dear i noe ur sick lyk me.. bad flu and cough. i noe that u woke up veri early to see a doctor, i also noe that u did al the shopping all alone w/o my help and u did all the preparation and cooking all ny urself. Ytd night u alr plan to cook all these for me. im veri touched and i noe i bu guai.. but no matter how bu guai i am u will alwaes forive me, love and care for me. for me u took leave made mani sacrifices and i noe u alwaes think for me.. but i wan u to noe that i alwaes thinks for u 2 and that i wan the best for u. Ur meimei [which is me] will promise u to listen to u and be a gd ger. i wish i cud have done sumting back for u to make u happi. but for nw.. i can onli love u. i jus simply cudn't make myself leave you and cant tk my eyes off you, cant stop thinking of you and nv gets tired abt you.. im jus madly in love wit you dear..


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