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Friday, November 02, 2007

hmmm this is something i learnt today from BOYA!!! hahaha.. its so cool tt there is so many things that i reali still dono how to use in photoshop.. haahaa.. oh ya also wanna thank esther for telling and teaching me where to find the black n white :P thank peeps..

hols starts officially for all of us from 430pm todae. YAY!!! short hols but think its better den no hols lor.this hols i soooooooooooooo wanna do alot of stuff but i dono whr to start. sem 2 is reali boring.. all the faci are lyk..... classmates are ok. think from todae onwards in clas i should be lyk todae. hack care and jus keep quiet. den i wun clash wit anione and also the faci.. hehe..

cough,flu aiyoyoooooo haven been ok. everydae head lyk so heavy when i get up and nose keeps getting block. slp cant even slp in peace keeps coughing. *faints* finger swell lyk piggy fingers and its ITCHY & PAINFUL!! den worst.. it seems lyk the pus are lyk EEeeEEEEEeeee!!!!! hopefully by next wed i'll be ok from all these probs.. if not i dono when den i start trg again :( been lyk onli eating 2 meals a dae onli. doesnt feels hungry esp during my 2nd breakouts.. pretty determine to go on diet.

hmmm think i will spend my time on exploring the photoshop after my dinner. hmmm he's not here yet so waiting for him to come have dinner. mummy cook.. yay.. its lyk been so so so long i've ben having a proper family meal.. YUMMY :P

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