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Friday, November 09, 2007

i hate it whenever im sick!! it will tk me so long to recover la.. i noe im not "normal" tts y im weak i tk longer time.. but damn hell ijus wana be a normal person.. so wad i tried gg out dese daes? but i don feel any better not gd.. i still coug n hav flu, wads worse is that its gettin worser even i tk my medicine.. SHIT!!! i wanna do alot of things.. i wanna slp in peace w/o coughing non stop n waking up every now and then at night, i wanna go trg, i wanna have fun wit my dear while we go out and not holding tissues on my hand and sneeze n cough nonstop!!!

yup so wed went cut and did my hair. look nerd and funny but its quite lyk it though.. den went out wit my best mate to bugis, have dinner, shopping but i nv get aniting but food and drinks wherelse she got something for her fren and food and drinks for HERSELF!! hahahaa... we're totally lyk PIGS~~~ omg.. i love my this best mates and we're actualli looking forward for our next food outing agn hahaha cos we found a few places whr we can go eat the next time round. ya ya.. not forgetting that we wanna setup n restuarant tgt. the name reli sounds funny!! hehe if ur reading mate.. U SHUD NOE~~!!! haha

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